Crown O’Maine welcomes wholesale buyers to our network of independent, small to mid scale food producers from Maine. We offer produce, fruit, dairy, plant proteins, locally grown and milled grains, tofu, eggs, and specialty foods from Maine producers. We also deliver regional and organic produce from farther afield. Our priority is serving our customers well and growing their sales through unique, high quality food from local farmers and food producers.

What We Do

Crown O’Maine provides weekly deliveries (some areas more often!) to most parts of central and southern Maine, Portsmouth, and Greater Boston. We co-produce ’50 Small: Maine Farms’ with our farming partners. We have a warehouse in North Vassalboro, Maine and we deliver artisan local products in well maintained, refrigerated trucks. Our strength in distribution comes from our customer relationships – many of our clients have been with our mission and our company since we were founded in 1995.


  • Weekly deliveries
  • Professional drivers
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Wide product scope curated daily
  • Signature product lines such as ’50 Small’ Maine Farms Co-brand
  • Prompt communications
  • Short lead time to delivery
  • Sourcing from 100 farmers and food producers
  • Sales services for food producers
  • Distribution to many small to mid size accounts
  • Distribution to chain retailers such as Hannaford and Whole Foods
  • Co-Produce ’50 Small: Maine Farms’ with our farming partners
  • Farm production planning
  • Written purchasing commitments with local farms
  • Business-to-business support and development